"Big Al" Munro, Master Magician in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Do you perform a CLEAN show?

Yes.  After all, that's what's in demand in Grand Rapids.  There just hasn't been much demand for anything else.

Do you TRAVEL to perform?

Yes, sometimes.  I hope to increase my travels, including world-wide travel, before too long.

What are some of the VENUES you've performed at?

Here's a partial list of area venues I've performed at:  Frederick Meijer Gardens, The Amway Grand Plaza, DeVos Place,The Frauenthal Center, Hope College, Midtown Center (Holland),English Hills Country Club, Spring Lake Country Club, Watermark Country Club, Cascade Hills Country Club, Sunnybrook Country Club, Boulder Creek Golf Club, Muskegon Country Club, The Pinnacle Center, Craig's Cruiser's (Wyoming), GRAM, various houses of worship, and others that are just a blur right now.

When did you start performing magic?


How is the FEE determined?

It's mostly the market rate.  In order to give clients the best experience, I have to be prepared for almost anything.  

I realized this when a brake line on my car was severed, the night before a show in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  I limped the car to the repair facility.  Because I charge enough to maintain an emergency fund, I got a rental car to get me to the gig.  

Many performers would cancel, because they don't have enough cash to cover the rental and their car repair.  I see too many performers who are lousy at accounting, and as a result, they let the client down.  I do everything I can to come through.  A performer has to maintain his show and keep it fresh, by investing in his education as a performer, marketing and advertising, equipment, etc.   

In order to have a successful event or party, you have to make the necessary investments in its success.

Do you perform OUTDOOR shows?

I do, but I often charge more, if I accept the booking.  It's difficult, if not impossible, to control distractions in outdoor shows.  Loud vehicles and aircraft, rain, wind, drunks, antisocial people, etc. all contribute to ruining otherwise great performances.  I'd rather perform in a suitable venue, and get repeat bookings.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a few.  Restaurants get sizable discounts, because those performances are reoccurring and in a place open to the public.  I offer a $30 discount on video reviews, after a performance.  I also offer a $20 discount if you're on my email list - no information is shared with other parties.  

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes!  If you feel the audience isn't into the show, you can stop the performance before the five minute mark (10 minutes for a strolling performance) and have everything paid refunded.

How far ahead should we contact you for a show?

As soon as you have some details.  I can advise you on planning your event to include live entertainment, which is often an afterthought.  Some venues don't work well with entertainment.  I book some times over a year ahead of time, but it's best to book a couple months ahead.