Bring the Fun, With a Magic Show by Magician "Big Al" Munro

Are you planning a party, event or other gathering?  Magician "Big Al" Munro has magic shows that will fire-up a crowd!  Whether it be a small gathering or a large event, he has something that will amaze and get the audience laughing.

His performances range from small house parties to full stage shows for audiences of thousands. He also performs magic right under the noses of small groups of people, whether strolling around or standing in a corner.

His performances have received several awards in statewide and regional competitions. In 2003, he won The Curly's Close-Up Classic, held during the world famous Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan - The Magic Capital of the World. In 2010, he won the senior close-up competition at The Michigan Magic Day Convention. 

He has appeared in numerous newspaper and television news stories, including guest appearances on the WZZM TV-13 Morning Show and the Fox 17 Morning Show. A partial list of past clients include Burger King, Kawasaki, McGraw-Hill Publishing, Mazda, Meijer, Westinghouse Electric, PepsiCo, B.F. Goodrich, Max & Erma's Restaurants, Brann's Restaurants, Red Lobster and Tiara Yachts.

"Big Al" will take the worry out of entertainment planning and coordinates his activities with event personnel. Fees are negotiable, depending on the requirements of the event.  There's even a Money-Back Guarantee (see the FAQ page for details).

If you'd like to see a sample of the magic for your event, he can perform for your committee meeting, in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

Magician "Big Al" Munro performs a variety of magic under impossible conditions - it has every appearance of a miracle. He can make objects appear in the hands of spectators, reveal what a stranger is thinking, dazzle the audience with his skill with playing cards, as well as making someone's head disappear and reappear.  You'll love seeing how people react to his magic.

Programs are available for banquets, conventions, fairs, festivals, hospitality rooms, intimate close-up magic, meetings, parties, picnics, promotions, restaurants, resorts, social hours, stage, television, trade shows, etc. He performs under a wide variety of conditions, performing magic up close or presenting a formal magic show. Shows are tailored for each event.

 "Big Al" delivers, exceeding expectations with his comedic talents and skills as a magician. You'll experience the thought that went into his performances, making the performance feel like a miraculous experience. He even impresses other magicians. If you want a unique magic performance, he's the magician to call.  He's based out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  

See Magic the way it's supposed to be

Magician "Big Al" Munro's original magic and comedy, as well as some of the classics, will please discerning guests.  Members of the audience experience the show up close, even if it's a big audience, because of audience participation.

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Why settle for a generic show?

Make the necessary investment in your event or party!  Contact magician "Big Al" Munro, today!.


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